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satellite technologyAs the world grows smaller by virtue of the telecommunications prowess that brings it together, countries, companies and organizations must do more than have the foresight to embrace it. They must commit to the strategies and resources now to capitalize on the business promises it possesses. How can it all happen? Through the perfect networking backbone to not merely support the effort, but benefit financially from it. All signals say: satellite.

Global Connectivity

A satellite backbone provides an all-inclusive solution to move any form of content and reach select or wide audiences at "finger snap" speed. Interoperating with terrestrial and wireless technologies, firms can leverage it smartly for things such as: business applications run over the Internet, data bursts to remote locations, and telephony.

Imagine it…we'll mold the intelligent network to get it there!

International network communications for voice, video, data, and Internet… cost effective and highly scalable to change as your business evolves.

Connect…Through A Wiser Use Of Space.

Picture it everywhere…because you can. Our satellite footprint- over 35 antennas in C and Ku bands, along with our fiber connectivity and partnering teleports-unites you with five continents and is capable of taking you overseas and around the globe at your command. With advanced transmission, production and broadcast technologies, the world is always at your screen.

For over two decades, privately owned Pittsburgh International Telecommunications, Inc. (PIT) has been at the forefront of innovative satellite communications. PIT owns and operates one of the largest satellite facilities in the world, forged by significant long term contracts with major publicity traded corporations, the U.S. Government and nearly all the domestic broadcasting companies.

Strategically focused to capitalize on the rapid global growth of international network communications, the unique experience of its management team licenses and installed equipment base, the company offers end-to-end solutions encompassing the design, deployment, and secure management of Satellite Private Networks for corporate / government entities, Direct to Home broadcast platforms for Ethnic Programmers, and Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Services for all business sectors.

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