iDirect VSAT Services

Pittsburgh International Telecommunications (PIT) provides a full array of iDirect VSAT Services including Satellite IP communications…a powerful solution to deliver high-speed, two-way connectivity, enabling IP applications in any environment.


Satellite overcomes distance and environmental challenges, taking broadband to any location as part of an integrated network.  Satellite is independent of terrestrial infrastructure and an be accessed immediately, providing operational continuity and a communications lifeline during emergencies and Disaster Recovery.  And iDirect systems can be deployed at a moment’s notice in any geography or situation.


Most organizations require constant connectivity…IP voice, video, and data applications wherever they are.  Governments need secure, high-speed networks able to be instantly deployed and deliver immediate access to mission-critical applications.  Maritime vessels need reliable ship-to-shore communications.  Utility companies are modernizing power grids and need to expand their networks.  And many living beyond the reach of cellular service in remote, rural areas need voice, data, and internet services.


PIT can solve your communication/connectivity requirements through iDirect VSAT services.  Click “Contact Us” to learn more.