Employment Interview

Professional Headhunters, Executive Recruiters and Search Firm Agencies will save considerable time, money and travel by utilizing the SD or HD global videoconference services offered by the Pittsburgh Videotech Center for candidate interviews.

Next to a face-to-face interview, an interview via videoconference is the most efficient and effective way to globally connect recruiters, prospective employers and candidates. In addition, a videoconference interview quickly brings all of the parties together and affords the recruitment specialists the ability to assess the candidate’s communication skills, professionalism, passion, and qualifications.

Advantages of utilizing the Pittsburgh Videotech Center’s videoconference services:

  • Brand new state-of-the-art facility conveniently located in downtown Pittsburgh
  • Professional and private environment
  • Ample parking in the Gateway Towers garage
  • Flexible scheduling- 24/7/365
  • “Far room” global booking services
  • On-site videoconference specialist for every conference
  • Polycom SD or HD videoconference units providing superior quality to Skype
  • “People + Content” capable equipment for presentations
  • IP or ISDN capable
  • Ability to connect multiple locations via our bridging and gateway services
  • Upon request, sessions can be recorded to DVD for future viewing and assessment
  • Translation available
  • Interpretation and CART services available

Videoconference Services for Candidate Interview -Flyer


Contact the Pittsburgh Videotech Center today at 412.565.3471 or pvtc@pitcomm.com to learn more about our videoconference services or to book your videoconference.