In 1983, a local Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania/USA) sports network, KBL Sports (forerunner to FoxSports Pittsburgh n/k/a Root Sports) approached a young entrepreneur to provide a mobile satellite uplink backhaul service for Pittsburgh Penguin hockey games…and thus Mobile Satellite Communications a/k/a Pittsburgh Teleport was born.

Two years later, Alcoa, needing satellite connectivity to South America and Africa, contracted with Pittsburgh Teleport and “International” was added to the name. From these humble beginnings, Pittsburgh International Teleport evolved into “Pittsburgh International Telecommunications, Inc.” and is now commonly referred to as the “PIT” teleport.

Today PIT is one of the largest privately held teleports in the world.  With 50 satellite dishes tucked into the hills of Western Pennsylvania, PIT provides direct-to-home satellite broadcasting (DTH) services throughout North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.  PIT is also a provider of satellite uplink, downlink, and turnaround services, iDirect VSAT services, Disaster Recovery services for major television networks, US Government services, and syndicated television programming distribution and co-location services.